All the time we have customers come in to get quotes & compare to others, but there are a few reasons why your quotes can vary that you don’t realise.

  1. Quality of Vinyl used.
  2. Measurements.
  3. Shortcuts.

Quality – there are 3 main types of vinyl,
– Monomeric
– Polymeric
– Cast
And they go in that order of quality, you will never be able to tell the difference by looking at the finished job… until a few years pass. Monomeric can last between 6 months to 3 years and is prone to shrinking. Polymeric is usually 5-7 years and Cast usually 7-10 years. They all range a lot in price, so your ‘cheap’ quote could be that they will be using cheap vinyl for your sign. And same goes with your expensive quote.

Measurements – I have previously measured a job and quoted then seen a quote to compare to from the customer as the comparable one was way cheaper. The measurements were all COMPLETELY out! to the point where one sign was half the size of what it needed to be to fit.

Shortcuts – We get this a lot with One Way Vision prints, our competitors have been a lot cheaper, after a while we clicked on that they weren’t laminating them! (Clear UV protective laminate) so within 6 months these cheap jobs were filled with dust and starting to peel – not so cheap after all – compared to our laminated ones that I have seen last 5 years! Same goes with printed vinyl, if it isn’t laminated it will fade a lot sooner than a laminated print.

So before you go with the cheap guy double check these few things before you decide.