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Farm Biosecurity Metal Sign 600x450mm - Carlie Rees Custom Designs

Farm Biosecurity Metal Sign 600x450mm

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Minimising biosecurity risks is a shared responsibility

Anyone entering your property has the potential to spread pests, diseases and weeds. Minimising these risks is a shared responsibility between you and visitors to your property. The general biosecurity duty means that anyone who knows or ought to know about a biosecurity risk has a duty to prevent, eradicate or minimise such a risk As the land manager, you should never assume visitors to your property are aware of potential biosecurity risks. You need to be proactive and take your own steps to reduce these risks. Due to the nature of many farms, the size of a farming enterprise can mean that farmers are unaware of entry from the public or company employees (such utility companies, contractors, or the government, such as DPI or LLS officers, etc.).

Signs to inform visitors

Signs both on the property and at the boundaries are an effective way to advise visitors of their biosecurity responsibilities prior to coming onto your property. Signs can inform visitors of your biosecurity status and advise what they need to do before and during the visit. Never assume that visitors know the appropriate biosecurity measures for your property.